Damon Bungard - Blue Sky Boatworks


With a kayak, fly rod, camera, bow, or gun in hand, exploring the rivers and mountains of the world keeps Damon on the move and in search of his next adventure. Growing up as a military dependent, travel and exploration is in his DNA. Damon has traveled from Chile to the ends of North America in search of the next rapid to run, river to explore, fish to catch, game to hunt, and memory to make. As Product Manager for Jackson Kayak and Brand Manager for Orion Coolers, his passion for the outdoors translates directly into the products we offer. Damon, his wife Ashley, and mini-dachshund, Tripper, make their home base camp near our factory in Spencer, TN. http://orioncoolers.com/author/damon/ http://jacksonkayak.com/blog/author/damonbungard/   http://jacksonkayak.com/team-jk/kayak-fishing-factory-team/damon-bungard/ www.streamdreams.blogspot.com

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