Andy Zimmerman - Blue Sky Boatworks

Andy Zimmerman

Andy Zimmerman has spent his life developing products and brands, building and selling companies, and serving his restless entrepreneurial spirit to generate new ideas that seize opportunities he sees in the marketplace. In the 1980s, while still in his 20s, Zimmerman left a successful and secure position in the family furniture business to pursue his desire to build kayaks. In less than ten years he and partner John Shepard grew Wilderness Systems Kayaks from a garage operation into a multi-million-dollar brand recognized as the leader in innovation. Before his exit, Zimmerman helped orchestrate the company’s acquisition of Mad River Canoe and WaveSport to create Confluence Watersports. Since selling Confluence, Zimmerman has energetically pursued a number of sizable real estate developments that have transformed large pockets of downtown Greensboro, NC; he launched, built and sold a new outdoor sports company, Legacy Paddlesports, and all along continued to passionately monitor the outdoor market, which led to the initial inspiration for Blue Sky Boatworks. His far-reaching network of talent and expertise within the industry helped bring the idea to life. Zimmerman makes his home in Greensboro, NC, and spends his winters in a second home in Wilson, WY.