PROTOTYPE REVIEW - Storage - Blue Sky Boatworks


This week we check out the storage on our latest Blue Sky 360 Angler prototype.  With all the fuss over how to care for equipment on water craft, Blue Sky team members have found some very unique solutions that will ensure that your boat is customizable and that all your fishing gear is within reach.  

Let me begin by reiterating that this boat is being decked out by Jackson Kayak’s team.  All the constraints they had fitting tackle storage, holder placement, rod management and other challenges for anglers has been alleviated.  Where they have done amazing things to fit gear tracks etc. into a kayak, they now have 30 square feet of boat real estate to work with. 

One of Jackson’s greatest assets is the way they have continually used partnerships in accessories.  They both ensure that your boat is ready to receive all the latest gadgets and is equipped with features that let you add your own at any spot on the boat.  Partnerships with accessory companies like RAM Mounts will see gear tracks surrounding your kayak.  With those gear tracks comes the ability to add any type of holder or electronic accessory you can imagine.  Think rod holders, fish finder screens, smart phone stands, cameras mounts, drink holders, transducer arm holders and more.  With tracks on the bow, stern, port and starboard sides of the boat, you can put anything anywhere.

RAM tracks and mounts on all sides as well as back and front make the 360 Angler completely customizable.

The next challenge is storage.  With the big hulls of bass boats you end up with ample storage for your rods, boating gear and stuff you tend to take out every day.  In a smaller craft you sometimes have to skimp on that convenience.  On the Blue Sky 360 Angler, you do not!  The deck has both a forward and stern deck with ample room for standing and storage.  We had coolers in the stern a bag with our rain gear (just in case) and still had room for more deck storage.  The 360 also has nifty areas where you can slide your standard sized tackle boxes in to within reach.  On each side of your deck the current prototype has raised arms to stage rods on.  Many of us fish with 2 or 3 set ups and the system in place on the 360 allows you to switch up in a second without having to bend down to far and dig.  The padding all over the deck allows this process to be pretty stealthy as well.  Miss the fish with one bait, hit him with the next one in a second and with nothing scaring the fish away!

Then there’s the hulls themselves.  With 4 large square and flush hatches (flush so you can stand on them) you have 13 feet of storage!  Unless you’re a shore fisherman with those 15 foot rods, this is AMPLE room for extra rods and wide enough to store a good handful of them in each hull, reels and all.  This is also a perfect location for camping gear, food and more for those multi-day expeditions.  

The end result is a boat with the maneuverability of a kayak, the access of a John boat but powered by you with an added fitness bonus but behaving like a big bass boat in regards to storage and accessibility to gear… actually a bit better!