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Blue Sky Angler User Manual V1.2

Here is the downloadable Blue Sky Boatworks User Manual, Version 1.  We will be continuing to update this manual over the first few months.


Video Tour of BSB

Check out our playlist showing details of our Blue Sky boats.

FAQ / Knowledge Base

Here are some great resources for first time users of Blue Sky Boats.
When will Blue Sky boats be ready?

We are hoping to push through development by April, tooling in May-June with production starting June/July of 2018.

What are the specs on the 360 Escape?

LENGTH: 13’ 4
WEIGHT: 130 lbs (w/o removable seat & drive), 160 lbs (with seat and drive)
CAPACITY: 400 lbs.(for ultimate performance)
CONSTRUCTION: Rotomolded Polyethylene, anodized marine grade aluminium.

Will there be a warranty?

Yes, we will have a limited 2-year warranty that covers defects in the boat’s construction.  The warranty form and details are here:  https://blueskyboatworks.com/warranty-form/


What are the specs of the 360 Anglers?

LENGTH: 13’4″
WIDTH: 48″
WEIGHT: 140 lbs (w/o removable seat & drive), 170 lbs (with seat and drive)
CAPACITY: 400 lbs. (for ultimate performance)
CONSTRUCTION: Rotomolded Polyethylene, anodized marine grade aluminium.

What accessories can you put on the 360?

With the gear tracks these boats can support most RAM Mounts as well as any others out there who slide into this style of gear tracks.  Rod holders, transducer arms, camera mounts, smart phone holders and more.  We will be selling many of these on our store.

Is the 360 salt water ready?

Yes.  The marine coating, sealed drive system and general construction were done with salt water use in mind.  Indeed the 360 Angler will be a salt fisheries advantage, especially inshore in the flats.  3″ of draft means you can get to many of the spots motor cannot.  Redfish here we come!

Blue Sky Boatworks Support: Applications, donations and more...

Blue Sky Boatworks looks to work with you and your organizations on multiple levels. Below are some key application forms for you to connect with us:

Warranty Form – Complete this form for any and all warranty applications.

Charitable Donation Request –  Events and organizations looking for donations, please fill in this form.  Deadline each year is January 28th.