360 Escape - Blue Sky Boatworks

360 Escape

LENGTH: 13’ 4
WEIGHT: 130 lbs (w/o removable seat & drive), 160 lbs (with seat and drive)
CAPACITY: 500 lbs
CONSTRUCTION: Rotomolded Polyethylene, anodized marine grade aluminium.
MSRP: $3399

User Manual: BS Manual 7.16.18

PHOTO NOTE: Prototype depicted.

Pedaling the new FlexDrive powerplant is a pleasure.  The 12:1 crank ration translates into more performance with less exertion. That innovation is complemented by the sleek, piercing outriggers that have way less drag than traditional monohulls. Meaning you can go faster with less effort.

Stability, or lack of it, is the greatest concern of people who are drawn to personal watercraft. They want to get to the quiet places, the water and the nature where powerboats can’t go, but the kayak just doesn’t feel right to them. Those concerns are vanquished aboard Blu Sky Boatworks craft.

BSB Vantage seat with twin steer rudder control seat was specifically designed for hours on the water keeping you comfortable, high and dry.  Our breathable material is strong, and quick to dry ensuring that your comfort is long term.  The placement of the seat is adjustable to ensure you have the most efficient position to pedal based on your height.  

The 360’s are the easiest craft most have ever dealt with getting to and from the water, thanks to the ingenious integrated wheel system. Once on the water, choose pedal, paddle or pole. And coming soon, switch out the pedal drive for the new lithium-powered E-Drive and get your cruise on.

Trailer it, drop it into the back of a pick-up, or car-top it — it disassembles in minutes for transport.  No one piece weighs more than 30 lbs making it a one-person job.  

Easily convert from Flex Drive pedal to Flex Drive electric. You can also paddle or pole it. We’re even exploring a stowable sail rig for down-wind fun.

The new 360° Escape is designed to get you out and on to the water with the greatest of comfort, ease and stability.  Our patented Flex Drive powered pedal system takes you there with surprising speed and smoothness.  Whether it be heading out and setting up a tripod for photography or an easy cruise to an island picnic spot, the 360º Escape will get you there.  Step off of the shore or off your dock and on to adventure.

The hull and deck of the 360º Escape were designed for both stability and moving around on.  This, with the addition of storage areas, gear tracks and more allow you to customize the 360º Escape for your style of adventure.  Our mounts are compatible with RAM® Mounts giving you access to seemingly unlimited accessorizing: Add a camera mount, smart phone, tablet, fishing rod holder, cup or your favorite Bluetooth music player.  All this personalization surrounding the comfortable adjustable chair.

User Manual Link: BS Manual 7.16.18

Jackson Kayak has designed a patent-pending prop-driven pedal system which allows for hands-free forward and reverse propulsion for kayaks. Named the Flex Drive, it consists of a daggerboard-protected tri-prop propeller which, combined with unique articulation of the prop system, gives the Flex Drive increased performance over other drives and helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. Jackson Kayak’s Flex Drive System can quickly adapt from deep to shallow water navigation without having to move the main pedal drive unit.

The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch prop blades and a 12:1 ratio. An interchangeable electric motor-driven head unit is in development as well for release at a later date.