Welcome Page - Blue Sky Boatworks

The Blue Sky Angler 360 has the comfort of bass boat, stealth of a kayak … I LOVE this boat!

Trey Johnson, TN

Kickstarter Backer

I absolutely love the Angler 360! I can easily stand up, fish and comfortably walk all over it!”

Dylan Antone

Kickstarter Backer

“Didn’t feel sketchy at all despite being ~30” above the water line. Was able to easily turn around and cast without feeling like I was going to fall in. Very very impressed.”

Van Hornsby

New 360 Angler owner

“The stability and size of the deck allow my daughter and I to fish together with ease. It’s been an incredible platform! She’s hooked!”

Justin Campbell

New 360 Angler owner

“this is the newest deal in fishing”

Jimmy Houston

Bass Pro

“This is a fantastic boat, stealthy & a blast to fish out of”

Chris Lane

Bassmaster Classic Champion

“I can use it places where I just can’t get my bass boat”

Tim Frederick

FLW Pro Fisherman

“The stability was unbelievable. It will surprise you how fast it is”

Darrell Davis

FLW Pro Fisherman